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Volunteers are the heart of a community. Our volunteers are a valuable resource for our fast-growing, fast-paced city.

Our city relies on our volunteers for everything from staffing special event, such as Freedom Fest and Merry Main Street, to assisting departments with daily activities, such as shelving library books, filing records or using GIS equipment.


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The violation(s) already existed which is why the inspector wrote the ticket, therefore you must attend the scheduled hearing to contest the allegation and show proof that the violation(s) were corrected.
To assist in your hearing, you should obtain a “print out” of the violations consolidated on the booted vehicle’s license plate. This can be obtained from the Department of Revenue cashier at any of the hearing facilities, and will assist you in preparing for your hearing.
Do not ignore the notice. Appear for your hearing and explain your circumstances to the Administrative Law Judge or the City representative. Also, you may contact the City department which issued the notice, or call the telephone number indicated on your document to determine why your name appeared as a party to the action.
Some code violations do allow you to pay the fine instead of appearing for the hearing. However, most require that you appear in-person. If you have two violations on one ticket and one violation allows you to prepay but the other requires that you appear, then you must appear for the hearing on both violations.
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