Outdoor Adventures

Explore Braddan’s Natural Beauty

There are a host of Glens, Reservoirs and Plantations for the public explore and enjoy in Braddan – discover these stunning areas of natural beauty and tranquility.


Injebreck and Colden Plantations

Injebreck and Colden Plantations both enjoy scenic views of the West Baldwin reservoir below, and their trails are popular with walkers and runners alike.

Port Soderick Glen

Located 4 miles South of Douglas, Port Soderick Glen comprises of 15 acres with a central meadow containing more than 30 species of Manx wildflower.


Find out more on the Visit Isle of Man website.

West Baldwin Reservoir

This picturesque reservoir, also known as Injebreck, offers a range of outdoor activities including walking, fishing (with disabled fishing platforms available) and even dinghy sailing in winter.


Find out more on the Visit Isle of Man website.

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