Parks & Playgrounds

Space to Play

Braddan has a number of parks and playgrounds, which cater to a wide variety of ages, interests and abilities.


Learn about these spaces and plan your next visit.


The Roundhouse

Opening in March 2024, The Roundhouse will boast one of the island biggest and best playgrounds, catering for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.


Two innovative and accessible play areas will combine a range of physical and cognitive play equipment to accommodate and entertain children of all abilities.  


Clybane playground is located within the Farmhill Housing Estate, near to Ballacottier School. The Commissioners have recently invested in the play equipment, installing a “Mantis” zip wire and “Viper” alongside the more traditional play equipment.


Both of these options for older children have proved popular and the Commissioners will continue to invest and improve leisure facilities for children within the parish.


Snugborough Playground is located within the Snugborough Housing Estate, plenty of parking is available behind the Commissioners’ Office.


There is a range of play equipment for younger children as well as a basketball court/kickabout area for older children.

Cronk Grianagh

Cronk Grianagh Park is located between the Heritage Trail and the Ballanawin Housing Estate in Union Mills.


There is a dedicated car park located next to the Heritage Trail which is accessed from the Snugborough Housing Estate, or if on foot or bicycle, from the Heritage Trail itself or the Ballanawin Housing Estate.


The park has been in the Commissioners ownership for several years and they have improved it beyond recognition with the addition of new playground equipment, a BMX track and the only urban Skate Park on the island. There are plenty of picnic tables and an enclosed area to exercise dogs.


The original Skate Park was constructed in 2012 and an extension added in 2016. It is the only concrete urban skate park on the Island and is very popular with all ages. Regular events and competitions are held there.


There is a separate dog walking area in the lower part of the park and every Spring Braddan Commissioners plant a Pictorial Meadow which flowers throughout the summer into autumn.

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