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Braddan Parish Commissioners – Local Government Act 1985

The Braddan Parish Commissioners have submitted a Petition seeking the approval of the Department of Infrastructure:-

  • Under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 1985 to loan the sum of £3,345,327 repayable over 30 years to cover the additional costs of both the construction and consultants’ fees relating to a family leisure facility “The Roundhouse” at Strang Corner Field, Strang, Braddan.
  • Under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 1985 borrow a sum of money not exceeding £255,053 repayable over 15 years to purchase equipment that does not have a lifespan of 30 years (i.e. office furniture, sporting equipment, playground equipment, benches and bins).
  • Under sections 8 & 42 of the Local Government Act 1985 to create a Special District (to be effective for a period of 5 years), for the purposes of setting a rate for all non-residential properties in the Parish to help meet the additional construction and consultants’ costs of the leisure facility.
  • Under Section 25 of the Local Government Act 1985 to issue a ten year lease to a tenant who will operate a dental practice.
  • Further details of the Petition may be obtained from the Braddan Parish Commissioners’ Office, Close Corran, Union Mills, Braddan, or from the Commissioners’ website:

The Petition will be considered by the Department of Infrastructure and any views on the proposal should be submitted to the Petition’s Officer, Local Government Unit, Central Support and Change Division, Department of Infrastructure, Sea Terminal Building, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2RF, no later than noon on 25 August 2023.

Dated this day 11 August 2023

J C Whiteway MBA, Clerk to the Commissioners

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